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Building a platform for building a brand

Kuvée is a new type of wine system — it features a connected bottle that keeps wines fresh for 30 days, even after it’s been opened. Customers can sample many different wines without feeling pressured to finish the whole bottle. The connected interface on the bottle gives customers even more info about what they’re drinking, tracks their preferences and allows users to order more wine right from the bottle.

Our friends at IDEO recently helped Kuvée rebrand themselves and develop a fresh new look. We worked with the IDEO team to apply the brand to the web and build a website that would be easy to use on any platform and illustrate what’s so special about the Kuvée system. Over the course of our project, we helped Kuvée think through each user story on the site and fully realize it on the web. Our designers and art directors also worked with photographers and local video studio Black Math to bring the product to life.

What we did

  1. Art direction and design to tell the story of the brand
  2. A beautiful and functional website for purchasing a Kuvee
  3. Integration with analytics and point-of-sale tools

IDEO did a great job finding the essence of the brand, but we needed to translate this character and identity to the web while telling a compelling story. We sketched out the customer journey with Kuvee and prioritized the tracks that were most important for the brand and sales goals.

In order to create great, web-ready assets and really let our design team sing, we art directed a series of photo and video shoots to illustrate the Kuvée. We not only wanted to make it look sexy, we wanted to show it in action and let its features do the talking.

Behind the scenes with Kuvee
Behind the scenes with Kuvee
Behind the scenes with Kuvee

The result is a platform for learning more about the product, placing an order (through the integrated Shopify interface), and staying engaged with the company as they roll out new features. And the best part: it all launched in time for the Thanksgiving holidays. Salut!

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