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Yale Environment 360

How we created a beautiful and engaging home for some of the web’s best environmental journalism

Yale’s Environment 360 magazine provides authoritative reporting on environmental science to readers around the world. Their website was in need of an update: both to provide a better reading experience for mobile users as well as a more powerful content management system for creating in depth stories and packages.

We also took the opportunity to refresh the brand in a way that would set it apart. This unique brand helps to better distinguish it in social media feeds and reflect the high quality of its editorial content.

From the dense, readable homepage to the varied spots for illustration and photography, we kept the bookish vibe of the past site while bringing it into the modern era. The new site also provides a comprehensive suite of tools to build longform articles. This gives the editorial team a huge range of modules to tell their stories: from side notes to image galleries to interactive callouts

When the site launched, we provided a design and system to link current reporting with a decade’s worth of archival content in a new “series” concept that holds it all together. The articles also allow unique presentations for opinion pieces, interviews, videos, contests and a running “digest” that summarizes and links to external reporting.


The result is a new take on what an environmental publication should look like. Using a contrasting palette allows for their nature photography to really pop. E360’s audience of scientists, students, teachers, researchers and policymakers is here for no-nonsense reporting on the most pressing environmental science news — and we’re proud to help deliver it.

What We Did

  1. Research
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Brand Design
  4. UX Design
  5. Front-End Dev
  6. CMS Development
  7. Content Migration
  8. Art Direction


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